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Wikileaks news

Has there been an official explanation yet as to why the hash on the John Kerry insurance files was changed?

I can speculate and have my own theories, and there is no dispute that changed hashes means the files were altered and changed. I am wondering if there has been any official explanation yet as to why this happened, what was up with the 1984 changes, why the insurance files were altered, why the last of the podesta emails weren't officially published but were found and accessible through manually in putting the urls for them, and the dead man switch that got DDOSed and why the dead mans switch was triggered if Assange was still alive and well. There hasn't been any official answers but when people are skeptical of wikileaks no longer being uncompromised because of these facts some accounts shout you down for being a conspiratard. submitted by /u/Lpup [link] [comments]

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If Amazon are helping the CIA to harvest data, it’ll be a big deal.

Let's say this drop is about shady dealings between the CIA and Amazon. I was initially wondering if anybody would care but I think the climate has changed since Vault 7. We are far more suspicious of big tech companies and there is an appetite to hold them more accountable for implications of their actions on world politics. Is Bezos, as a champion of the #Resistance, is actually an apparatchik (not that it isn't already obvious he is), I think this could set some things in motion. Thoughts? submitted by /u/WylieMontis [link] [comments]

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