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Wikileaks news

Ilhan Omar (D) MN – Are you a Bernie 2020 supporter? She says Bernie Sanders’ “ship might have sailed,” as far as running in 2020 but could get behind warmongers Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Cory Booker

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“Facebook chooses 2 US-government-funded organizations who specialize in overseas propaganda and sometimes regime change to fight ‘malicious propaganda’ Reuters reports without irony or any awareness of who these groups are”

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Tim Canova: I support @RandPaul’s proposal to grant immunity to Julian Assange to testify to Congress. Let’s get to the truth instead of persecuting publishers in star chambers. [quoting Mrs. Christine Assange]

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I’m trying to find a document about the movie After Earth

In a lot of articles like this one, they mention a document Will Smith wrote about his ambitions for a whole franchise called 1000 A.E. which lead to the movie After Earth. It's supposed to be part of the Sony Leaks, but I'm unable to find it. Could anyone help me with that ? submitted by /u/Awpossum [link] [comments]

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