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Engelstalig nieuws

Nieuws (mix van aanwezige bronnen) van zowel underground als mainstream bronnen in de Engelse taal.
In het menu kun je ook alleen een specifieke bron selecteren.

Glenn Greenwald: The editor-in-chief of RT says the Ecuadorian government – now highly subservient to the west under @Lenin’s government – will withdraw its asylum grant to Julian Assange and hand him over to the UK. People pretending to believe in press freedom will cheer if he’s sent to the US

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New UK Foreign Minister Jeremy says Assange faces “serious charges” and should be immediately arrested. Did he just reveal that the UK has a US extradition warrant? Because Assange is not charged in the UK.

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Wikileaks on the Blockchain

An anonymous blockchain marketplace that connects whistleblowers with journalists would spur the creation of a million Julian Assanges. See our article in Medium: submitted by /u/Whistling_Pat [link] [comments]

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