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Nieuws (mix van aanwezige bronnen) van zowel underground als mainstream bronnen in de Engelse taal.
In het menu kun je ook alleen een specifieke bron selecteren.

Police can request your DNA from 23andMe, Ancestry

Millions of people have handed their DNA over to genetic testing companies like Ancestry or 23andMe to learn more about their family trees. But when you ship off your saliva, law enforcement could have access to your DNA. Police could use genetic information it gets from those companies to identify you in a criminal investigation, even if you’ve never used one of those services.

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How China helped depose ‘dozing despot’ Robert Mugabe after flooding Zimbabwe with billions to build hospitals, schools and even the £35million Parliament

As he was driven back to his opulent palace in Harare on Tuesday, surrounded by bodyguards in military fatigues and wearing motorcycle helmets, Robert Mugabe had no reason to suspect that his 37-year rule was about to end. Having been in power since 1980, Mugabe — not to mention Grace, his high-handed, grasping second wife — thought he was invincible. Just days earlier, he beamed with satisfaction at a ceremony to change the name of Zimbabwe's main airport to the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

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